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Malisa meets the Boere


Kalie wanted to take Malisa to a Boeremusiek gathering. So we departed for a nearby town, called Brits, where Boeremusiek bands got together for some entertainment on the Saturday after the presentations at Pretoria University.


bm01boeremusiek band.jpg (85880 bytes)


When we  arrived at the venue a Boeremusiek band was already playing and the "boere" were keen to meet a Texan.


bm04braaivleis.jpg (108772 bytes)

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The braai received Kalie's full attention and a cricket match was in full swing in the background


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bm03Meeting boere.jpg (131470 bytes)

Malisa with Marietjie Kriel, daughter of the famous concertina player, Willie Welgens and Koos de Jager who took the opportunity to get her signature in his book A little later curiosity overcame their initial shyness and reluctance to speak English and the guests came to say hello, meet her and exchange a few words and then the fun really started...

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Malisa went to have a "look and listen" at Koos's concertina: "May I sing, pretty please?"

Koos: I don't think I should have allowed that singing..."


bm08singing2.jpg (111644 bytes)

Malisa (sigh): Ok then !! Let's just listen to the band and let  JR sing!"



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bm10patsi-dancing.jpg (100280 bytes)


Now what do we have here? Watch his hands!!"

Patsi had to join to distract the attention...


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OK All jokes aside let's meet them...

JR Olivier - guitar and Koos de Jager  - concertina


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bm-13farm1.jpg (137848 bytes)

Afterwards we spent some time with them on the farm of Louis and Theunette Niemand


bm14lapa-on-farm.jpg (156344 bytes)

The braaivleis lapa

  We were invited by Theunette to stay over at their farm as "paid guests" at her bed and breakfast.