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After a wonderful night at the White Mountain resort a glorious, clear sunny day greeted us. The day's travel included a last trip through beautiful Natal and the mountains back to Pretoria. I wanted to leave early to be able to fit in a drive through the Eastern Free State as well to show Malisa those sandstone cliffs and the Basotho Cultural Village. Apart from my plans Kalie wanted to take us to Mont Aux Sources - the highest peak in the Drakensberg and also to drive back through the Oliviershoek rather than follow the main N3 highway . So we were up early and ready for a very long but pleasant  drive.

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Our first stop was for breakfast at Bergville, a small town high in the Drakensberg mountains. The "Koffiepot"  provided both the breakfast fare and a garden with a spectacular show of indigenous gazanias.

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Upon searching for a breakfast venue we came across this spa which offers clean mountain air and pampering for weary souls and bodies but we only perused it for a much needed piepiepouse. LOL!

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After breakfast Kalie headed towards Mont Aux Sources, the highest peak in the Drakensberg also the source of  the Tugela and many other large rivers of South Africa.

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We could see the Tugela Falls shimmering in the morning light. A perfect day to spend in the  mountains. Left: The Mont Aux Sources Resort entrance

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Patsi had the best view of Mont Aux Sources and later on described her decision to view the mountains from a horizontal position as follows:
"When I was younger I had a dream of beholding a huge mountain and having to get on my back, both to view it properly in its supreme height, and to make myself small before it as it was so grand and I was so insignificant. When viewing those peaks at Mount Aux Sources, I had the same urge. Alas, this Mrs. Bosomworth developed hefty bosoms in the interim, and this time round they rather interfered with the view!"
Well below is a panorama of that famous view that required a horizontal position to perceive it in all its glory!

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From  Mont Aux Sources Kalie headed towards Oliviershoek but first stopped at the Tugela-Vaal Water Scheme to show us from where the water is pumped from the Tugela river across the mountains to the Orange Free State and Gauteng province

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