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Malisa in Durban

dbn01cosmos2.jpg (114980 bytes)

The cosmos welcomed us on the road when Kalie and I drove to Durban to meet up with Patsi and Malisa. The next pictures give an idea of what we saw along the road from Pretoria to Durban.

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dbn03afrikaskop.jpg (31722 bytes)

Platberg near Harrismith

Afrikaskop on the horizon

dbn04vreenen2panorama.jpg (116342 bytes)

dbn05vreenen3panorama.jpg (65202 bytes)

A view to the north from Van Reenen

Another view from Van Reenen

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dbn07swinburne.jpg (44549 bytes)

Petrol station at Van Reenen

Near Swinburne


To Durbs!!

dbn08 way to durbs.jpg (58984 bytes)

On our way to Durban Malisa clicked away merrily. The next photos are some that she took while we traveled to the Flea market in Durban. I will be adding some comments from Malisa to the following photos to give you an idea of the reasons why these vistas interested her...

dbn09way to durbs1.jpg (38193 bytes)

dbn10way to durbs2.jpg (40132 bytes)

dbn11way to durbs3.jpg (44480 bytes)

Malisa: "OH, a left side passenger is on the OUTSIDE EDGE of the curve! Imagine the drop off!" Malisa: "Malisa the flatlander was happy to be on the inside of this curve!"

dbn13way to durbs5.jpg (34632 bytes)

dbn14way to durbs6.jpg (33144 bytes)

Malisa: "Sure wish HOT Houston had bus shelters like this!" Malisa: Just one section of the skyline coming into Durban. Isn't the arched window building pretty?"

dbn15way to durbs7.jpg (34504 bytes)

dbn16way to durbs8.jpg (43006 bytes)

Malisa: "There are arched bridges near my home in Houston... and when I saw these I felt right at home in Durban." Malisa: "Clean highways with lots of green lead right  into the city."
dbn17way to durbs9.jpg (36108 bytes) dbn18bold building.jpg (69676 bytes)

The old Fort

Malisa had confusion when she was told we'd stop at a robot as South Africans don't call them "traffic lights". She loved the term "bakkie" for pick up trucks and the "panelbeaters" for auto body shops.

dbn18half round building.jpg (59501 bytes)

Interesting architecture

dbn19beach front.jpg (56142 bytes)

dbn20joe-fleamarket1.jpg (84858 bytes)

Overcast day at Durban Beach Front

Joe at the flea market

Malisa: Miami never looked this good! Malisa: "My favorite Tool Meister! Just look at all those tools!"

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dbn23flea market.jpg (70035 bytes)

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Durban Flea Market

Crafts display

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dbn26crafts3.jpg (63435 bytes)

Craft stalls

More craft stalls

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dbn30tablecloth seller.jpg (64061 bytes)

Malisa: "No room in the suitcase for this hat... and wearing it home was out. Someone would have thought I was a religious potentate!"

Malisa and the tablecloth seller

dbn31p-m at flea market.jpg (74557 bytes)

Time for a  ciggie and a rest

Malisa: "I could have shopped till I dropped!"

Durban Beach Front


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dbn32bicycle ride.jpg (72550 bytes)

dbn33mounted police.jpg (70952 bytes)

Bicycle ride at the Beach Front

Mounted Police see to the law and order

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dbn37playhouse1.jpg (76180 bytes)

dbn38playhouse2.jpg (47236 bytes)

Durban Post Office

Durban Play House

A closer look at those windows

dbn36indian temple.jpg (58531 bytes)

Indian temple

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dbn40rickshaw2.jpg (71026 bytes)

Rickshaw man