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Midlands Meander Continued...


Gunthers is owned by a German who is famous for his German sausages. Patsi also knows the family and spent some time with the owner's wife and introducing Malisa to her while Kalie and I just enjoyed the scenery and all things German that reminded one of a Gasthaus in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy the photos that will only give a faint feeling of the beauty that we enjoyed on this not too clear, overcast day after heavy rain in the Midlands! Following the rain the streams were gurgling and the countryside was washed clean and fresh.

midl-meadows-panorama.jpg (199657 bytes)

The view from Gunthers showed fresh, green meadows with an abundance of wild flowers

midl-gunt-garden.jpg (158743 bytes)

midl-gunt-butfly.jpg (128032 bytes)



midl-gunthers-open.jpg (158578 bytes)

midl-gunt1.jpg (162456 bytes)

Gunthers is open...

Germany in South Africa

midl-gunt-dog.jpg (78072 bytes)

midl-gunt-cow-bells1.jpg (121448 bytes)

Let sleeping dogs lie...

Chicken soup for the soul?


midl-gunt-cowbell.jpg (87748 bytes)

midl-gunt-chicken.jpg (73867 bytes)

Huge cow bells

A funny chicken...

midl-gunt3.jpg (98647 bytes)

midl-gunt2.jpg (157278 bytes)

A beautiful stream

A lovely garden...

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