Malisa's Meander

  Malisa Janes was little more than a name to me before February 16, 2004. Well I expected her to be a forceful, fun woman who has a passion for making  life better for people  with disabilities and especially for those of us with hearing loss. However I never could imagine the impact that this remarkable woman would have on my life. Firstly for becoming a dear friend - no - more than a dear friend - a SISTER! Secondly for the inspiration she was to make me see my own country in a different light and appreciate better what we have here. She also instilled the desire to share more of what I have with others in far-away places. Therefore this is an effort to show you not only what we have but how it could be enjoyed by anyone who wish to be exposed to the beauty, the variety and the cultures of South Africa.

Before I take you on my "Meander with Malisa" I need to say that none of this would have been possible if it was not for our mutual friend Patsi Schuhmann who had known Malisa far longer than I did and who invited her here in the first place. This is the second time that Patsi opened a world of friendship for me - last year I also met my Safari Sisters through Patsi. We traveled with them on a first unforgettable journey to many of the places that we re-visited this time around.

The first "command" here is to "MEET" Malisa! When Annie, Malisa's service dog and best friend,  wants to play Malisa has to give her the "meet" command. I also want you to play a little first before we depart on our travels. So click on "Meet" and once you think (LOL) that you know something of my friend you may proceed to the Site Map... Enjoybut most important



 Meet Malisa - (like that best-loved command she gives to Annie when Annie wants to play) first and then proceed to the Site Map to follow us on our travels...


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