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Krantzkloof Gorge

The Krantzkloof Gorge and nature Reserve is quite close to Patsi's home and a "must see" for her visitors. In spite of her fear of heights Malisa enjoyed the spectacular view and took some amazing photos even though it was a rather overcast day. I added some of my own photos to show what it looks like on a clear day. Enjoy the vistas!!
kr-drop.jpg (87434 bytes)
A daunting drop!
kr-kloof2.jpg (116171 bytes) kr-edge.jpg (492972 bytes)
Living on the edge...
kr-clear-day.jpg (170711 bytes) kr-kloof3.jpg (178334 bytes)
A clear day...
kr-kloof.jpg (109242 bytes) kr-end.jpg (112478 bytes)
End of the road?