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Lesedi - Place of Light

  Before Malisa arrived Patsi and I decided that visiting the Lesedi Cultural Village was a "MUST" and we were not wrong!! Malisa thoroughly enjoyed this visit like our Safari Sisters also did last year. The Safari Sisters web page tell more about Lesedi and you may want to visit those pages again for an update on the different Villages at Lesedi.

Click here to learn more about Lesedi and see the photos that we took there in February 2003.


 Introduction and the Giant Ingoma


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Lesedi is a cultural village near Hartebeespoort Dam in the Gauteng Province of South Africa Upon seeing the cattle Kraal Malisa immediately set off to have a closer look at the cows . Later on we discovered cows became her prime passion while she was touring in South Africa.



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Tour guide explaining traditional Ndebele dress

Lesedi Curio shop


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Ndebele woman

Zulu maiden


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 Musicians and their colourful marimbas


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Zulu chief

Pedi tour guide


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Wall decorations for the giant Ingoma or traditional dance show

Stage props for the giant Ingoma


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The story teller


Zulu warriors awaiting their turn to join the war dance


The Zulu Village


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Zulu guard announcing visitors to the kraal


Spitting in a stone before entering the Zulu kraal to propitiate the ancestral spirits


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Zulu village activities - Woman working,  man playing LOL!


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les17clothes-married-zulu-woman.jpg (101723 bytes)

Zulu maiden with traditional dress

Married Zulu woman with traditional clothes


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Malisa entering the Zulu weapon foundry. In the actual kraal women and children are not allowed to enter this enclosure


 The Basotho Village


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les22thatched-hut.jpg (111377 bytes)

A shrine in honour of king Moshoeshoe marks the entrance to the Basotho village

This small hut is where the Basotho youths live before their initiation


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les24-sotho-hut.jpg (86272 bytes)

Sotho woman milling sorghum 

Sotho hut


The Xhosa Village

les25 Xhosa-cattle-kraal.jpg (94560 bytes)

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Xhosa cattle kraal


Fireplace cleverly built to counteract wind from different directions




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Xhosa huts

Xhosa welcome to the guest chalet


les29-guest-accommodation2.jpg (61143 bytes)

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 Interior of guest chalets at Lesedi


les30-bathroom.jpg (40452 bytes)

The bathroom 

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les34indaba.jpg (86927 bytes)


Click on the  photo for a panorama view




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les37cute-kid.jpg (66919 bytes)

Woman preparing a cow dung floor

Chatting with the kid


 The dance and the Nyama Choma (the feast)


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les39meandering-mamas.jpg (87653 bytes)


les40gum-boot-dance.jpg (62560 bytes)

The gum boot dance is a favourite!


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les42patsi-dans2.jpg (49101 bytes)




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Pedi dancers

Xhosa dancers




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les46just-malisa.jpg (88272 bytes)

The restaurant

Entrance to the restaurant


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A taste of South African beer


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les49food.jpg (60145 bytes)

The menu

It tastes GOOD!!


les51chief-Malisa.jpg (61073 bytes)

les50chief-Malisa2.jpg (61239 bytes)

The Cannibal Queen LOL!


 The next photos shows a selection of artistic decorations at Lesedi


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