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Shopping Malls


mal-menlyn-panorama.jpg (59186 bytes)

Of course we had to visit some large shopping Malls. I must say Malisa was impressed with them but contrary to some overseas visitors she was more enlightened about South Africa than to expect us to do ALL our shopping along the pavements. This page will show some of our biggest shopping Malls that compares well to their counterparts in America (Or according to Malisa perhaps  better - at least as far as parking facilities go). I will also show some smaller shops where you can also "shop till you drop". Above is a panorama shot of the Menlyn Park shopping centre close to where I live in Pretoria. Don't forget to click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture

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mal-menlyn-ceiling.jpg (57153 bytes)

The Menlyn Park has an exceptional ceiling specifically designed to counteract the hot Pretoria summer temperatures

mal-menlyn-mcdonalds.jpg (65342 bytes)

mal-menlyn-lunch.jpg (92288 bytes)

And we also have the "Big M" well as some very good  restaurants

mal-menlyn-lovin-it.jpg (78330 bytes)

mal-menlyn-ronald.jpg (96998 bytes)

...and Ronald MacDonald LOL!!

mall-menlyn-events-arena.jpg (118241 bytes)

Menlyn Park is not only a shopping centre but also has an events arena (below) where sporting and other events and exhibitions are staged. The mall also has a drive-in cinema (not shown) on the roof and under-cover parking for more than 6000 cars.

Westville Pavilion

The Westville Pavilion stands out as a landmark on the road from Kloof to Durban. We only had time to stop for a few photos taken from the parking lot but I added some others that I took on a previous visit to Patsi to show some of the interior.

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Westville Pavilion as seen from the highway

mal-pav2.jpg (85356 bytes)

mal-pav4.jpg (94339 bytes)

A closer look...

From the parking lot

mal-pav-patsi.jpg (102284 bytes)

mal-pav-3.jpg (95429 bytes)

The interior...

Another view from the parking lot

mal-pav- starslane.jpg (63300 bytes)

mal-pav-staircase.jpg (55384 bytes)

"Stars lane" where all the cinemas are

The central staircase

Gateway Mall at Umhlanga Rocks

Kalie and I went to the Gateway Mall in Umhalnga Rocks. I spotted some very rare vegetables and could not resist taking a few photos. These are obviously mainly used in African and Indian cooking. This mall also has an interesting fountain with a display of "jumping" water that intrigues both adults and children. I could not resist taking one photo after the other to catch the height of the water display...First enjoy the view to the sea as seen from the Gateway centre and Umhlanga hospital...

mal-gateway-view.jpg (65266 bytes)

On a clear day the view is spectacular - one can see Durban about 30 miles in the distance and the sea is azure blue but on this day it was overcast and rather gloomy  - but still pretty...

mal-gateway-fountain3.jpg (153914 bytes)

mal-gateway-fountain4.jpg (132167 bytes)

The fountain and the interior

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mal-gateway-interior.jpg (88720 bytes)

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The unusual veggies...

mal-food-aubergines.jpg (166960 bytes)

mal-food-bindi.jpg (132823 bytes)

Aubergines - baby and mature ones


mal-food-tiny-beans.jpg (83908 bytes)

mal-food-double-beans.jpg (94069 bytes)

Tiny Beans

Double beans

mal-food-greenherbs.jpg (141256 bytes)

mal-food-calabash.jpg (170116 bytes)

Green herbs (" morogo")


Kloof Supermarkets and shops...

In and around Kloof are the smaller shopping centres where Patsi does most of her shopping and other business...nice shops with friendly shop-keepers and even the neighbour has a craft shop nearby..

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mal-kloof-bank.jpg (107362 bytes)

Fields Shopping Centre

...and the local branch of the ABSA bank

mal-kloof-milk.jpg (134380 bytes)

mal-kloof-fast-food.jpg (118226 bytes)

Milk comes in plastic satchets...

Fast food for the Last Bite LOL

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mal-kloof-supermarket.jpg (141760 bytes)

Frozen foods lane


mal-kloof-neighbour-shop.jpg (124309 bytes)

mal-kloof-quilts.jpg (220936 bytes)

The neighbour's craft shop

Beautiful quilts

A Hypermarket in Pretoria

Not a huge shopping mall with a variety of shops and larger than a Supermarket is our hypermarkets. Malisa said they compare to Wallmarts in the USA.. Well see for yourself from these shots of both the in- and outside of the Fairy Glen Hypermarket near my home in Pretoria.

mall-hyper-panorama.jpg (59477 bytes)

mall-hyper-inside3.jpg (152868 bytes)

mall-hyper-passage.jpg (90319 bytes)

mall-hyper-inside.jpg (141721 bytes)

mall-hyper-inside2.jpg (124025 bytes)

Top: The shopping isles..

mall-hyper-biltong.jpg (151333 bytes)

mall-bakery.jpg (100150 bytes)

A biltong ( jerky?) stand

The fresh bread counter

mall-hyper-pampoen.jpg (117331 bytes)

Vegetables (pumpkin) top photo and fruit (below)

mall-hyper-vrugte2.jpg (155850 bytes)

mall-hyper-vrugte.jpg (177505 bytes)