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Midlands Meander

The Midlands Meander consists of several routes in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands and one can literally spend days exploring the craft shops, guest houses and other places of entertainment whilst simultaneously enjoying exceptionally beautiful vistas with the Drakensberg mountains often forming the perfect backdrop. The "mood" of the  Midlands also changes with the seasons and the weather conditions. We had one overcast and one perfect sunny day to enjoy our favourite haunts on the Meander.

We had been to the Midlands a few times and Patsi and myself has our very special favourites but we are adding to them every time we get there. This time we added the Howick Falls and Gunthers Sausage to our usual "repertoire" that includes a meal at Rawdons and a stop at Swissland Cheese as we head towards our all-time favourite - White Mountain. However... White Mountain deserves a page of its own..

On this site you will find four pages covering various establishments on the Midlands Meander. The first one, that you find right here,  is Howick and surroundings.

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midl-midmar-panorama-.jpg (169568 bytes)

Our first stop on the way to Howick was the Midmar Dam. The above picture provides  a panoramic view of the dam. Click on the photo to scroll and see the full image.

Right: The Howick Falls (panorama - scroll for larger view)


For Patsi Howick had both sad and good memories...

She says:


midl-howick-panorama.jpg (391548 bytes)


midl-howick-laundromat.jpg (193561 bytes)

midl-howick-belowfalls.jpg (177330 bytes)

I named the image above "Laundromat". It shows the local people tending to their laundry at the top of the falls with total disregard of the daunting drop and the danger involved. We were told that since the wall of the Midmar Dam was increased with not enough rain since for the dam to overflow,  the amount of water over the falls is reduced to such an extent that people can now do this. On our previous visit there was much more water over the falls covering most of what can now be seen as darker coloured rocks.

Top Right:A view below the falls


midl-howick-crafts.jpg (131253 bytes)

midl-howickcrafts2.jpg (234889 bytes)

The above craft stalls are right at the falls...

midl-howick-curios.jpg (129457 bytes)

The street leading to the Falls has numerous interesting shops and we had a nice cuppa at the Crafters Market Coffee shop. These pictures shows some of the crafts and curios. We could have spent much more time here but we knew that there was much more to see and not to spend too much time at one particular place.

midl-howick-street.jpg (90038 bytes)
midl-howick-wire-curios.jpg (159742 bytes) midl-howick-curios2.jpg (134393 bytes)
midl-howick-coffee.jpg (91678 bytes) midl-kalie-ek.jpg (56637 bytes)

midl-howick-zebra.jpg (92310 bytes)


...and Malisa had fun!


midl-mandela.jpg (130675 bytes)

This plaque "Tsiamelo" near Howick  marks the spot where past President Nelson Mandela was captured on the 5th of August 1962 .



The following scenes show some of the beautiful Midlands vistas...

midl-vista.jpg (95547 bytes)

midl-onfoot.jpg (79103 bytes)

  The local people covers long distances on foot and the woman is often seen carrying heavy bundles on their heads

midl-nofence.jpg (105343 bytes)

midl-scene.jpg (87184 bytes)

In many places there are no fences and one must be on the lookout for domestic animals that graze right next to the roads

midl-village.jpg (67455 bytes)

midl-potholes.jpg (106473 bytes)

A local village and a road sign warning against potholes

midl-bridge-panorama.jpg (342836 bytes)

We passed this beautiful scene on our way to Gunthers Sausages - our next stop