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 At home with Patsi 

 This page is dedicated to Patsi and Joe who are so willing to open their home for our sisters from abroad...See how Malisa loved  being with them...and how she enjoyed the spectacular views from this house...

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The front door

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Joe's den under the house and the stairs to the front door

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Maid sweeping the driveway

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Left - the patio as seen from the laundry enclosure

Right the spacious patio - a happy spot for many sisterly chats...


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The Kitchen

pat43-patio-chat.jpg (129406 bytes)

pat42-patsi-malisa.jpg (222463 bytes)

A sisterly chat on the patio

Aww!! What memories!!

We also had time for meals again at the delightful Stokers' Inn - a restaurant at a previous train station. Kloof has at least two restaurants that have become favourites amongst Patsi and Joe's visitors namely the Stokers' Inn and Pot and Kettle with its spectacular view of the Valley of a 1000 Hills but Spriggs - with delicious health foods - is catching up fast on them... 

See how we enjoyed our meal at the Stokers' Inn. I have a separate page for Pot and Kettle where Kait and Joe played host and hostess to Malisa...

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pat45-stokers-arms2.jpg (148883 bytes)

Top and below - at Stokers' Arms

pat46dinner-at-stokers.jpg (127165 bytes)

The Garden

And then ... the garden! The lower terrace, the views, the plants...Just enjoy!!

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pat10washing.jpg (238567 bytes)

Left:The washing enclosure with the windy dry...

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The art project - painting the wall of the garden shed...

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pat15painting project.jpg (121955 bytes)

pat13painting.jpg (179198 bytes)

Views from the garden...

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pat16tree.jpg (199163 bytes)

The neighbours' home (below)

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The dogs...

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Kelpie and the ball game...

pat32kelpie.jpg (133672 bytes)

pat35kelpie2.jpg (126277 bytes)

pat36rocky.jpg (70781 bytes)

pat37rocky2.jpg (182708 bytes)

and Rocky...

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With Patsi's family

Glen, Patsi's son-in-law, treated us to a wonderful braai...and the children instantly too to Malisa as another granny...while Emma had a special affinity for Kalie - maybe he reminded her of her grandpa?

pat24ton1.jpg (78080 bytes)

Tonya and Glen at the BBQ

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pat13kalie-emma3.jpg (103215 bytes)

Kalie and Emma

pat29kalie-emma1.jpg (149074 bytes)

pat27kait2.jpg (127780 bytes)

pat26kait4.jpg (101667 bytes)

Kait's gifts...

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pat40kait5.jpg (100902 bytes)

pat39emma.jpg (104489 bytes)

pat41malisa-kate-bye.jpg (109939 bytes)

Time to say goodbye and a last dinner and a game of Mah Jong at Patsi's

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pat38dinner-patsis.jpg (48883 bytes) pat53mah-jong2.jpg (95585 bytes)