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Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast

We spent a few days at the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast. This page shows some of the coastal vistas, articles available in some of the many craft  shops and also rural villages and the houses that interested the hidden architect in Malisa...and one could sit for hours watching the waves crash down on the rocks...

It was fun visiting the Wild Coast Sun hotel and casino even though we did NOT hit the jackpot. However  - the cannibals had a good time at the restaurant..

The vistas along the south Coast consists mostly of rolling hills and cane field with the odd blue gum plantation of wild banana outcrop as can be seen in the first few photos with houses on the far-away hills and a glimpse of the ocean in between..

sc06vista5.jpg (48976 bytes)

sc-plantation.jpg (58576 bytes)

Houses on the far hill

Plantation on a hilltop

sc-cane-field.jpg (75035 bytes)

sc-blue gum trees.jpg (68540 bytes)

Cane field

Blue gum trees

sc-church.jpg (77434 bytes)

sc-vista2.jpg (62249 bytes)

A church and a cane field

More sugar cane...

sc-vista.jpg (56363 bytes)

sc-vista3.jpg (70294 bytes)

sc-ocean-glimpse.jpg (44006 bytes)

A glimpse of the ocean...

sc-banana-plantation.jpg (183585 bytes)

Banana plantation (left) and Wild Banan or white Strelitzia  (right)

sc-wild-banana.jpg (118044 bytes)

Craft shops abound in every town and along the roadsides. Lots of artists have their studios close to the main roads and short distances into the interior. I took lots of photos of the crafts on display.  Many roadside crafters sell the usual wood carvings and stuff that is seen all along the pavements but some really good art can be found by exploring the shops advertised in the local tourist guides..

sc-barn-owl-shop1.jpg (114847 bytes)

The Barn Owl is one such craft shop...

sc-barn-owl-shop.jpg (134773 bytes)

sc-crafts1.jpg (157494 bytes)

Some of the crafts sold at the Barn Owl...

sc-crafts2.jpg (174967 bytes)

sc-ceramics.jpg (66969 bytes)

sc-chameleons.jpg (110696 bytes)

sc-crafts3.jpg (138101 bytes)

sc-crafts4.jpg (139391 bytes)

sc-crafts6.jpg (148759 bytes)

sc-crafts5.jpg (134955 bytes)

sc-funny-birds.jpg (147642 bytes)

Wire crafts became  popular as household items (right) lately...

sc-wire-art.jpg (88552 bytes)

sc-mud-hut.jpg (102870 bytes)

The Mud Hut (left) is a more classy craft shop

sc-poppies.jpg (142310 bytes)

A little more towards the interior one comes to the rural villages...Here you can see some of the houses and a panorama image of a rural village called Gamalakhe (The white spot on the horizon is a ship LOL!!)

sc-gamalakhe.jpg (62840 bytes)

sc-houses3.jpg (51593 bytes)

sc-houses2.jpg (70776 bytes)

sc-houses1.jpg (36836 bytes)

And then of course there is the ocean...Seascapes at Port Alfred...

sc-port-edward-panorama.jpg (85021 bytes)

An ocean panorama..

sc-port-edward.jpg (82102 bytes)

sc-port-edward1.jpg (83413 bytes)

and the breakers...

sc-wild-coast-sun.jpg (88359 bytes)

sc-cape-border.jpg (84096 bytes)

After enjoying the sea view at Port Alfred we decided to go to the Wild Coast Sun to try our luck at the one-armed bandits or at least to feed the cannibal(s)... since Patsi had her free pass to get in there...

Left: Crossing the bridge to the Eastern Cape on our way to the Wild Coast Sun

sc-golf-course2.jpg (97102 bytes)

The golf course at the Wild Coast Sun

sc-golf-course.jpg (112736 bytes)

sc-fish-pond.jpg (120704 bytes)

The fish pond at the entrance to the casino and a flower arrangement in the smokers' lounge

sc-crabs-claw.jpg (142145 bytes)

sc-casino.jpg (93194 bytes)

Coffee time!

sc-kalie-casino.jpg (81442 bytes)

...and then they became hungry...

sc-cannibal.jpg (54958 bytes)

sc-dinner-wild-coast-sun.jpg (67436 bytes)

sc-cannibal2.jpg (104989 bytes) ...the end...:-(