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A presentation at The Transoranje School for the Deaf in Pretoria

  The teachers at the Transoranje School for the Deaf (Malisa insists on calling this place "Transylvania" since it is hard to remember the name LOL) could not risk to let the opportunity for a presentation by Malisa pass them by and we arranged a meeting and a visit to the school for her. The pictures tell the story! Malisa at her best talking about  issues that lie close to her heart and enjoying the youngsters and smaller children. Needless to say the children were chuffed about this friendly lady too!



Admiring the proteas at the head master's office



  Statuette of Deaf girl Malisa at the statuette of a deaf girl in front of the administration building of the Transoranje School. The inaugural plaque on the right states that the school celebrated its 21st birthday in June 1975. 21st School anniversary plaque  


  Administration building   Scholl grounds  

The admin building and gardens


School grounds and bus




Sports grounds


The sports grounds



  Vrolike Kwarteltjies - Merry quails In Afrikaans we say: "So doof soos 'n kwartel" ( Literally translated: "As deaf as a quail" therefore the small kids are called the "Kwarteltjies" meaning Quail chicks"

Kwarteltjies classroom


Sign post directing the way to the Nursery School section


"The merry quails"


Pretty mural


A pretty mural on the way to the nursery section

  Classroom exhibit

Malisa and the kindergarten teacher

Kids' art


A classroom exhibit, Malisa with the kindergarten teacher, some of the kids' art and happy kids enjoying an afternoon sleep-break


Rest time for the kwarteltjies



  In the computer room We visited some older kids in the computer room and all of them wanted their pictures taken LOL Of course Malisa enjoyed inter-acting with them and they were well pleased with the lady from America! See the happy faces!

(Click on the pictures below for a larger version)

More chatting with the kids


  Visual aids for the library reading room Then it was time to move on to the older children... Older kids in the library  

Visual classroom aids for the library section


Older kids in the reading room



  She loves doing this!

The presentation...

Yes she really likes giving presentations

  A captured audience

Then it was time for the presentations. First to the teachers.

Teachers listening to Malisa's presentation



  Opening her gifts The head master Mr Dill making a speech and presenting a gift and then...


(right) she thought it was an invitation to flirt with him!

Mr Dill making a speech  



To cool her off we had to arrange yet another presentation to the teenagers...

  Teenagers listening to her talk about service dogs  
  After lively discussions with the teenagers it was time to say good-bye to the friendly people at Transylvania...