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Presentations at Pretoria University

  Malisa's Meander was not all play...on Feb 20, 2004 she was the key-note speaker at a seminar on Cochlear Implants at the University of Pretoria . On Saturday, February 21st she presented a workshop to cochlear implantees and communication pathology professionals at the same University. This page shows some of the academics and others that she met and rubbed   shoulders with and also the pleasure derived from these presentations by all and sundry. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she received more invitations to speak elsewhere.  



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The Communication Pathology Department - University of Pretoria hosted the one-day seminar. The Workshop was held in this building.  Communication Pathology building from a different angle

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Tea with Patsi and the lecturers at Tukkies: Nelllie Venter, Maggie and Leone Nauta

A first taste of Koeksisters and savoury snacks


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On the day before the presentations we had time to relax in the gardens of Pretoria University and Malisa had a special interest in the architecture department and in particular with the main building of this department.

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The seminar was held at the Sanlam auditorium


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The auditorium

Seminar attendees arriving


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Meeting the first attendees - Lecturers from Transoranje School for the Deaf

Nellie getting technical advice before the proceedings


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OK Let's see if I have everything I need... Yep!! I am ready!!

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Prof Swart delivering the welcoming address

Leone Nauta's presentation


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Nellie Venter introducing Malisa


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Malisa in action!


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Courtyard Madonna! LOL

Coffee break


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Getting better acquainted? She likes him!!

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All the workshop attendees - Click for a larger view and scroll to identify them!!


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Exhibits in foyer of Communication Pathology building


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Tea break

Hester van der Walt and friend


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Malisa with Martin Coetzee - the first cochlear implantee at Pretoria University