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Ever since Patsi introduced us to the White Mountain resort in the Drakensberg it has become a very special place for the Safari Sisters. To us it is a magical place and sort of a confirmation of our bond of friendship. Vistas of White Mountain will always bring fond memories and sometimes even make us wipe away a stray tear whilst remembering the good times. I have no words to describe the beauty, but hope that the photos on this page can convey some of it to those of you who have not been there in person...

The way to White Mountain took us through the wonderful Natal Midlands and past many rural villages with a new vista en beauty around every corner. It was a cloudy afternoon but that did not take away any of the pleasure of driving through these valleys.

wm02laundry.jpg (173317 bytes)

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On the way to White Mountain

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Arriving at White Mountain

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The accommodation consists of thatched roofed rondavels and our rondavel had a wonderful view of the fly-fishing pond and the far-away mountains

wm10rondawel.jpg (229708 bytes)


wm12our-chalet.jpg (231906 bytes)


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You can sit for hours just enjoying the view of the fly-fishing pond and identifying the ducks and other birds. On this occasion it was an early morning scene with the pond a mirror-clear image and some of the birds still sleeping...

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Green pastures (with COWS LOL!!) and an "ugly duckling" creating the only ripple on the pond...


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The next morning I was up early to enjoy the sunrise but I was not quite prepared for the beauty that I met when I walked around the rondavels to see what White Mountain looked like in the early morning. Enjoy the view!
wm21sunrise.jpg (194881 bytes) Just after sunrise and the valley still asleep under a blanket of mist  wm22-sunrise2.jpg (167066 bytes)

wm23valley-awakening.jpg (231965 bytes)

wm24mist.jpg (150012 bytes)

wm09panorama.jpg (144441 bytes)
Above: One last look at the White Mountain pond panorama...

It was a beautiful day and just perfect for the vistas that awaited us on that day in the mountains as we traveled on back to Pretoria via the Drakensberg Royal National Park and Mount Aux Sources