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Presentations in Natal

Malisa was invited to do severeal presentations on hearing loss at various institutions in Natal including the Fulton School for the Deaf and Natal University. On this page I share malisa's photos as wellas some that I took at Fulton School in 2003 when I visited the school with the Safari Sisters. You are welcome to also visit the Safari sisters web page to read more about y personal impressions of Fulton School and the Deaf Culture.


Fulton School for the Deaf

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Fulton School for the Deaf is situated in Gillitts, near Pinetown in KwaZulu Natal. During February/March each year the gardens are graced with beautiful flowering trees to set off the stately main building.

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Above: A mural at the school

Fulton School acknowledges and respects Deaf Culture, the Deaf Community and the need for Sign Language. 

Apart from sign language  Fulton School set high academic standards for those pupils in the academic stream but also provides for the needs of others who require more Entrepreneurial Life Skills and Vocational Courses to increase their chances of employment. 

The school brochure reads: " In our house dwells only quietness. It is our mission to uphold our reputation in providing the best education possible to the Deaf Learner. This is becoming increasingly difficult with the severe cuts in state funding. We are a multi-cultural school and a  large percentage of our learners come from seriously disadvantages communities. They cannot pay school and hostel fees which compounds the problem. We have every intention to keep our school doors open to these learners. Deaf individuals are already marginalised in the bigger community and face huge barriers in entering the competitive job market. Education is their passport to leading meaningful lives and becoming independent and productive citizens."

If you want to make a much needed contribution to Fulton School for the Deaf contact Beryl Campbell, Private Bag 9002, Gillitts, 3603, South Africa or e-mail them at 

Note: I did not visit Fulton School with Patsi and Malisa this year but added some photos that I took in 2003.

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The nursery section at Fulton School

Patsi talking to the kids

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Right:  The boys...Keagan, Dale and Thiru with English teacher Jekka Irvine and Peter Reece behind them.

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Delightful classroom inter-action between our Safari Sisters and the Fulton school girls with teacher Sarett Thompson (2003)

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Other presentations in Natal

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Presentation to audiology students at Umhlanga Hospital. On the left a young member of the Department is helping Malisa  with her presentation

Malisa with her letter of thanks received from the high school learners
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Malisa in action in the boardroom at Unhlanga Hospital Odette interpreting...

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Malisa in action enjoying the inter-action with the students


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...and Kait attended the meeting as well...